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APFI-World Edition The Left Right Punch

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In a shocking press announcement this afternoon and among gasps and tears of relief from all present, Tim Roddick, spokesperson for the Murdock and Bloomberg partnership Bloodock Inc., states the media moguls purchased all remaining main media outlets early last year running the Trump campaign and presidency as a reality show using the US public as unwitting participants.

It was the brain child of the two billionaires to see how influential fake news could be, and to raise awareness and activism in the American public.



DJT, Rupert Murdock and Michael Bloomberg masterminds behind plan.

 Rupert Murdock and Michael Bloomberg were both present for the announcement. Says Murdock “Mike and I were shooting the breeze over cocktails last year and discussing the rise of artificial news and reality shows. We both wondered how far it could be taken and if there was an abject lesson to be learned by many preferring their news to match their feelings.”

The two media moguls said they felt like kids in a candy store when they altered the coverage of the voting results without anyone being the wiser, showing Donald J. Trump as the clear victor and new president. As Murdock says “We almost felt bad enough for the American people to cancel the show but the reactions from the artificial results were priceless and something we would not likely see again in our lifetimes.”

Apparently keeping the lid on the false presidency was much more difficult than either had imagined and required a level of finesse neither had expected. Says Bloomberg “Rupert and I were both shocked and a bit aghast at how easy it was to build momentum using no and incorrect facts. Once it got going we thought we would just play it out, but it started to get out of hand and have potential worldwide repercussions. Although we had control of all major media outlets we had to stage press conferences at the Whitehouse to convince the small number of remaining free press. It was a security nightmare, but Hillary and her staff were very accommodating.”

Says Murdock “It was an incredible success and was not without substantial financial gain, but that was not the motivation. It was an experiment in democracy and whether the checks and balances would work if the president was completely uninformed, driven by self-aggrandizement, and self- enrichment. Neither Mike nor I want the world to experience holocaust-like conditions again.”

Says Bloomberg “It was frighteningly easy to use big data collection of personal information and its accurate phycological targeting of most people in the nation with fake and hyped news. We hired Cambridge Analytica, a company out of Britain, responsible for getting Brexit passed and is now working with several European governments to manipulate the popular election results. It specifically hits people at an emotional level short circuiting rational analytical thought.”

The experimental reality show was cut-short in part because Vladimir was not amused and threatened to send confidential national information to WikiLeaks says Murdock “Donald had been relying on his years of friendship with Vlad to keep him from overreacting. Vladimir is no stranger to being the bad guy and sees it as a strength, but his patience was wearing thin with the recent slights about the supposed archaic spy technology on his ship off the coast of Connecticut.”

Donald J Trump, the first fake president says “I spoke many times with both Rupert and Michael. They are great guys and treated me very nicely. I am very thankful for all of the support the American public and the world gave me. I am excited the Apprentice ratings will be tremendously high this season, world record breaking. I am considering running for president in 2020,but need to focus on my empire. Buy Ivanka’s brand again. She is a wonderful, beautiful person.”